Antas Pharma will design a suitable technological platform for your protein production or other products still in development stage in all therapeutical fields.  We are especially focused on anti-cancer, anti-infection and nervous central system biopharmaceuticals such as:




  • Recombinant proteins.

  • Monoclonal antibodies.

  • Polyclonal antibodies

  • Vaccines

  • Enzymes

  • Biogenetics / Biosimilar

  • Biopharmaceuticals dossiers

  • Import export of biopharmaceuticals.




Nutraceuticals  produced through biotechnological processes   such as fermentation are being targeting by food industries today in their growing quest for natural products. Other leading nutraceutical products include vitamins and biotics. 




In this sector, Antas Pharma has proven expertise in the following areas:

  • Food and food-applied biotechnology

  • FDA and EU certificates

  • Market research od suppliers and buyers of natural products.





Already biodiesel and bioalcohol is made from vegetable oils, vegetable starches and natural sugars such as lactose.   Other important natural resources for bioenergy materials include agricultural products, algae or other microorganisms, and milk derivatives.




Services offered by Antas Pharma in this field include:


  • Biodiesel production using enzymatic process.
  • Biodiesel production using heterogeneous catalysis.
  • Bioalcohol production using bioprocess.
  • Oil production using algae



Related Services


Whatever your specific subfield, Antas Pharma can provide the following related services:

  • Technical and commercial evaluation
  • Market Research
  • Medical writing and technical reports
  • Business Development and Business Plan
  • Acquisitions of sources of investment